Why Veemer?

Well, I once had this '75 Volkswagen Beetle that wasn't much to look at but ran like a top! It was my daily driver and it was great fun to drive. Very zippy. I called it 'The Veemer."


Looking for VW commercial music?

You can find a list here: VW Music.

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A Long-Time Love Affair With Volkswagens

1967 VW BeetleWe had Volkswagens when I was a child. We first had a 60-something powder blue bug. My sister and I loved it. This was before the seat belt laws and we sould stand in the back seat or curl up in what we called "the very back" (the small cubby hold behind the back seat) and take a nap. It was nice and toasty back there over the engine! Later we had a little brother and upgraded to a red and white bus. This was even more fun than the bug and had a larger very back big enough for both of us to take a nap in! Often our mom would take out the middle seat and put my brother's play pen in there. There he was quite content while mom ran her paper route.


These Days...

Now, I have: